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Residential and Commercial Paving in Kahului, HI

Trust Pacific Asphalt and Maintenance in Kahului, HI, to offer you safe and dependable residential and commercial paving services. From asphalt repair and maintenance to concrete crack repairs, we can fix it all. 

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Asphalt Repair and Maintenance Services

Roads are how we get from place to place, and a damaged road can lead to a damaged vehicle. We know these dangers and work to protect the community by providing commercial asphalt repair and maintenance. As a professional paving contractor, we understand the different issues that come with different materials and the unique repair methods required for a high-quality finish. Over time, parking lots, roadways, and driveways can wear down, facing cracks, holes, and weak spots. Our team will locate each of these issues and repair them quickly and efficiently. From concrete driveway repairs to asphalt parking lots at local businesses, we can handle any job.

Sealcoating Services and Beyond

To ensure the asphalt repairs and maintenance we complete last longer, we provide top-notch sealcoating. This process involves sealing the pavement with a protective layer, keeping it safer from things like oil, the sun’s UV rays, and water damage. When there’s a crack in asphalt, we can seal that as well. Other services we offer are designed to keep parking lots and roadways looking neat and organized. Take advantage of our striping and painting expertise to keep the lines on your property neat and tidy. We also offer concrete repairs to keep sidewalks and driveways looking brand new for longer. For oil-damaged driveways or parking lots, we offer oil spot treatments and repair.

Heavy machinery and equipment

Reach out now and we will gladly provide you with a free estimate on the commercial or residential paving services you’re looking for. Trust the experts at Pacific to get the job done right and create lasting results.

Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

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Striping and Painting

Concrete Repair and Replacement


Oil Spot Treatments